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Green Dentistry/Green Teeth


The World Earth Day 45th anniversary on April 18 has come and gone. I believe that almost all of us understand the importance of recycle/repurpose/repair/rethink, but there is always something that can be done to help.

In our dental practice, Breton Gardens Family Dentistry, we have implemented a large number of designs and efficiencies that ultimately “Help Save the Whales”.

From a design stand point, Breton Gardens has installed over a 140 trees and shrubs on our property. This provides for clean fresh air, removes atmospheric carbon and really makes the area beautiful. We left 20% of the parcel undisturbed providing food and shelter for critters and filtration of runoff (Bio-swale).  The design element Xeriscaping was incorporated to reduce water and fertilizer usage while also greatly improving the natural beauty of what is essentially a commercial site.

Interior design shows much natural light for physical and mental health while limiting energy usage. Our interior gardens provide for clean air and calm minds.

Equipment wise, we continue towards a fully digitalized office, reducing paper needs (Save the Trees) as well as the volume of trash going to the land fill.

We have installed a heavy metal separating reservoir in our basement to lower the pollution load of our effluents. This is well over and above the federal regulations. This was and remains expensive. It does, however, allow us to continue in what we feel is a leadership role for business; environmental stewardship.

The staff at Breton Gardens is involved in recycling paper, boxes and plastics. The volume that stays out of the dump fills 2 pickup trucks monthly. This takes little money but does require time and effort.

We have implemented an environmental awareness protocol with our patients. While we do not recommend recycling floss, it sure makes sense to turn the water off when you brush your teeth. It is estimated that each home will save about 90 cups of clean drinkable water everyday with this little change in behavior.

I hope it is cleaner that Breton Gardens Family Dentistry cares; about all of us, the environment and the future.

Green dentistry has nothing to do with green teeth.